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The most recognisable part of the coolant system is the radiator. It is connected to the engine with hoses and is filled with coolant. The coolant draws heat off the engine and then goes into the radiator. Air passes through cooling fins to reduce the temperature of the coolant and then it’s back to the engine again.

There are several ways for the cooling system to fail. Most common is with the coolant itself. Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze. The proper mixture keeps the coolant from either boiling away or freezing. Both of which can result in massive engine damage.

Another very important coolant issue that is often overlooked is the age of the coolant itself. Antifreeze has additives that protect the coolant system from corrosion. As these additives are depleted over time, they can’t protect the radiator and other parts from rust, scaling and corrosion. Old coolant may still keep your engine cool, but it won’t protect it from corrosion.

If you see a warning message to check the coolant or if the temperature gauge is in the hot zone your cooling system needs to be checked so call our service centre and we will advice you on what to do.

Water Pump Replacement

A properly operating water pump is a fundamental key to your engine's survival. If your water pump is leaking at the shaft, is wobbly, loose or noisy these are all indications that a water pump replacement is required. Your water pump keeps operating temperatures under control and prevents boiling fluids from damaging your cylinder head gaskets.

Most cars have the water pump mounted on the front of the engine, with a drive pulley attached to the water pump hub. A V-belt or a serpentine belt usually drives the water pump pulley. Some front-wheel-drive vehicles mounted the engine sideways, making belt access trickier and occasionally require removal of the timing chain.

Radiator Hoses

Old radiator hoses or loose hose clamps can cause your engine coolant to leak, which could lead to overheating and expensive auto repairs. Have your radiator hoses periodically and replace them if they appear aged or are leaking coolant.

There are two hoses that attach to the radiator: an upper hose at the top of the radiator and a lower hose at the bottom. With the engine cold, squeeze each hose. If the hose feels "crunchy" or brittle, it could need replacing. Check the radiator hose clamps at either end of both hoses. If the hose is damp or wet at the clamp, tighten or replace the clamp. The clamps should be tightened enough so that the radiator hose cannot be turned or moved. Check the hose for cracks, tears, or frayed ends. If you find any, replace the radiator hose.

Coolant System Flush Service

This coolant absorbs heat from the engine and is flowed by the water pump through hoses to the radiator. Once the radiator transfers engine heat to the outside air, the coolant circulates back to the engine and continues the cycle.

To keep this important system properly working, vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing it at specified time or mileage intervals. The coolant’s rust inhibitors and additives may lose their anti-corrosive properties, leaving particles and debris in the system over time.

This can cause build-up within the radiator, reducing its ability to keep the engine running at the optimal temperature. To remove this build-up, we perform a radiator flush service. By Doing a radiator flush we remove all the old coolant and gunk and built-up that there might be. Once the whole cooling system is empty, we fill it back up with new radiator coolant and water

We can repair or replace any of the following components

Radiator caps
Radiator hoses
Radiator fan or fan clutch
Thermostats & Water pumps
Fan belts and serpentine belts
Temperature sensors
Heater cores

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