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Electronic Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injectors are easily clogged. It can rob your engine of fuel economy and performance and greatly increase exhaust emissions. The opening at which the fuel injector mists into the combustion chamber is approximately the same width as a human hair.

Varnish is the name given to the sludge build-up which causes a restriction in fuel flow to the injectors which ultimately reduces your cars performance. Another problem is carbon which builds up on intake valves, on top of pistons and within the combustion chamber.

This can cause cold start problems, hesitations and the engine to miss. With an On Car De-carbon & Fuel Injection Service, you can eliminate these problems. A simple enhancement process, the machine feeds a fuel solvent mix into the engine cleaning the fuel system & exit tracts of the engine.

It is recommended that this is carried out every 40,000km but this varies to vehicle type, quality of fuel and driving patterns..

Engine Analysis & Why this is important

An Engine Diagnostic (or Scope Test) determines what corrections are required during a tune-up to get your engine running smoothly again.

What's included

Check of vehicle's computer for fault codes
Visual check to confirm condition of the PCV valve and fuel filter
Check of engine timing (where applicable)
Examination of starting and charging system
A detailed written Vehicle Inspection Report
Analysis of spark plugs, ignition wires, the distributor cap, rotor and coils

When to have this done

At your vehicle's recommended spark plug service interval, as specified in the owner's manual, or when experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Engine Diagnostic Test

Why this is important

If the Check Engine Light comes on while driving or remains on, it is a warning of an emissions or sensor problem and should be analyzed. If the light flashes, the condition is more severe and must be checked immediately to prevent catalytic converter damage.

What's included

Computer scan for codes
Assessment and research for correction
A detailed written Vehicle Inspection Report

When to have this done

If the Check Engine Light comes on, be sure to take the car in for a diagnostic test
If the light flashes, the problem is more serious and should be checked immediately

Did you know?

The ignition system provides electrical energy to the spark plug. If the electrical charge is not delivered at the proper time and at its recommended strength, the engine will not function properly.

Did you also know?

The warning light on your dashboard is an indication that the on-board computer system has detected components operating outside their acceptable range. This can be an indication of a minor problem or one that may require immediate attention


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